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At MF Aqua Production Group we are working to produce world-class aquarium quality essentials

We work hard to provide you with the best quality aquaculture equipment and feed

MF Aqua began its research into the production of feeds and supplies for saltwater, freshwater and vegetable aquariums in 2016 and with the efforts and perseverance of our researchers we were able to market our first products in 1398.

Thanks to God and our dear distributors, we have had tremendous success at the beginning, and we have been able to increase our production volume and continue to encourage more positive feedback.

The overwhelmingly positive consumer reviews of the MF Aqua products reflect the high quality of our products, and due to the reasonable cost and variety of testing and packaging, the results are not without merit.

Our production

Since we have been targeting the supply and distribution of all aquarium equipment and supplies, we were naturally unable to produce zero to one hundred items in the first phase, and to close all requirements with a number of prestigious European companies with closed contracts and raw materials. We have produced and imported high quality and high standards, so believe in your own product analysis and are confident that the quality of the assembly parts of the MF Aqua will be an example.

Our team

Our team consists of two dynamic and committed scientific and experimental groups that together improve the quality of our products. Knowledge-centric and up-to-date aquarium articles have always helped us produce more successful products.

Research and Development Team


Production and packaging team


Team statistics and feedback


MF aqua SuperTek Hatching Reactor

Interested in MF Aqua hardware products?

Hardware products include aquatic nonfood products that fall into a separate category