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Health and vitality with the standard requirements to give your freshwater aquarium

Excellent freshness and growth in aquarium plants will be possible with adequate supplies

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Customer satisfaction will drive us to greater success and we are happy to be with you and send us your comments and suggestions.

Economical packaging

Economic Package

By choosing cheap and quality packaging, we can reduce final overhead costs and make the finished price more optimal for the consumer.

Distribution to the whole world

Distribution and send to the world

At MF Aqua Manufacturing, we strive to deliver the best aquarium products to consumers around the world in the best possible way, and we have started the first step from neighboring countries such as Turkey, Iraq and Jordan.

Depot and up-to-date preparation

Depot and preparation Date

At MF Aqua, especially foodstuffs are packaged up to date for greater quality and shelf life, and the food depot is kept to a minimum to give the customer a higher quality touch.

MF aqua Mealworm 500ml

Are you interested in MF Aqua aquatic food?

MF Aqua takes the first step in the production of nutritious aquatic food and makes every effort to supply and supply quality and competitive products to world-class brands.